“Spain is a country you simply have to taste. Enjoy a 5-star culinary lineup: meet Michelin star chefs, take masterclasses with leading cooks, visit emblematic markets, and much more. This is a trip you’re sure to relish.”

A restless and passionate chef, Ricard Camarena is equally committed with a total respect for seasonal products and ensuring his customers always feel welcome and like at home. This successful combination of taste, freshly sourced products and excellence in service made him winning a Michelin Star three times and three Repsol Suns for his ‘Ricard Camarena Restaurant‘. During this exceptional day, you will be able to enjoy hand in hand with Ricard a mouth-watering day discovering Valencia through his gastronomic spaces. First stop: “Central bar” the real Kilometre 0 Bar, located inside the iconic Valencia’s Central Market, Europe’s biggest and most spectacular art nouveau food market. There, we will have breakfast with Ricard and will discover the best products in Valencia for a superb gastronomical experience.  Second stop: “Ricard Camarena Lab”; in the modernist gastro market of Colón , Ricard Camarena has his Laboratory, a mix of a R&D laboratory and cookery classroom, where we will have together with Ricard and his staff an exclusive and private show cooking lesson. Third stop: Ricard Camarena restaurant – 1 Michelin Star and 3 Repsol suns -;  for a perfect end finally at the newest contemporary Art Museum of the city, Bombas Gens guests will enjoy a wonderful gastronomical menu cooked by Ricard Camarena and his team. The experience includes: Full day experience with the Michelin-starred chef Ricard Camarena Full day interpreter escort guide Breakfast at Mercat Central with visit to the Central Market. Show cooking at the LAB of Ricard Camarena at Colón modernist gastro market. Michelin-starred menu at Ricard Camarena restaurant at Bombas Gens Art Centre with snack and 6 dishes cooked by Ricard and his team. Private transfers . A present from Ricard, his book “Caldos” and a bottle of “Letern”

The tapa is now one of the identifiers of Spanish cuisine. And now, you can see this for yourself in the world's tapas capital: Seville. You'll enjoy a tour conceived exclusively for you, in which you can taste the wonderful array of Seville's most exquisite “little dishes”. On this tour, you'll delve deep into the culture of Seville, discovering the best of Spanish tapas, and all the benefits and contributions of the tapa to the richness of traditional Spanish culture. You’lltake a walking tour throughout the most authentic and exclusive bars in the Andalusian capital, while enjoying the magical atmosphere and savoring the exquisite snacks and wines of this land. You will discover why the tapa is called a tapa, how it has become an avant-garde culinary offering, due to chefs like Ferrán Adrià and moreover, you’ll enjoy tapas tasting in all its various artforms, visiting places you’ll want to return again and again. When you've finished this tour, you'll fully understand how this phenomenon came about, and why it crosses borders and conquers the palates of people the world over. Can we take your order please?

Get your apron on and get ready to improvise. Let that creativity flow in a private masterclass with a professional chef. Just you and him, side by side. The day couldn't get off to a better start. You'll have an exclusive visit to a magical place full of local color, textures and aromas, in a unique ambiance – the Boquería market along Barcelona's famous Rambla avenue. Right in the heart of the city center, this marketplace will awaken your senses as you walk from stall to stall, discovering all the secrets of this marvelous place. With your chef by your side, you'll shop for the ingredients for an outstanding dish of the day, to be made with his help back at your cooking school. This is the time to put your culinary skills to the test. But don't worry, your chef will give you all the timely advice you need, and unveil his top secrets for making an extraordinary concoction, which you will then taste with him. Can you guess what dish you're making today?

Get ready to delight your own palate, at one of the finest gastronomic temples anyone can find nowadays, with one of the top avant-garde chefs in Madrid and Spain. The great Paco Roncero. A chef who already has 2 Michelin stars, for the moment... You'll attend a private class at the place where Paco unfolds his powerful creativity – in his own laboratory-cum- kitchen-cum- workshop-cum-restaurant. And this place is right inside the Madrid Casino, considered to be the definitive icon of social status in Spain's capital. This is where you will receive his advice while designing your own haute cuisine dish by his side. And you'll have the help of holograms, touch screens and other precision hypertechnological tools in this exclusive hands-on cooking class. And to cap it off, you'll receive a memento signed by Paco, and you'll sit down together to enjoy the dish you've created. A decisive delight for the palate, where creativity reigns supreme.