The south is culture, history, festivals, great food and architecture all in one. This and much more is waiting for you here. Andalusia boasts beauty everywhere you go. Impressive panoramas from the top of a monument, and nature areas full of contrasts. All you have to do is let yourself be swept away by the flower-decked streets, the special bewitchment, and all that flamenco magic you can only see in the South.

When the day's visitors disappear, and – especially in summer – The sun sets over Seville after 10pm, that's when the fragrances of jasmine and orange blossom float in the air. At that time, you start your evening tour of Europe's oldest royal palace laid out before your feet. The echoes of time past are mingled with a construction that was started in the Early Middle Ages, with various reforms and additions being made in different styles, ranging from Islamic art to the Baroque, not to mention Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance. In this sublime atmosphere, with its beautiful gardens, patios and splendid salons, all kinds of gala events are held, such as receptions, elite conferences, classical music concerts and many more. And in this unique ambiance, you suddenly appear. Making a tour of all its nooks and crannies, full of the wonders of a private night-time visit. The magic of the nights of Seville await you. All you have to do is dare to feel something unimaginable.

Granada has a character of its own which is sure to cast a mysterious spell over you. Art is alive in every corner of the city, but especially in its “peñas” – the flamenco clubs – making this city the cradle of flamenco art, where dancers and musicians are in perfect harmony with their surroundings. And now you can experience it for yourself. You'll enter a private flamenco club for an exclusive show where you can see and experience the purest of flamenco feelings. And sense the adrenalin pumping through your veins. You'll witness this marvelous art for yourself, produced by over 400 flamenco peñas throughout Andalusia, provided by a club that was founded in 1949, located in the central neighborhood of Albaycín. This will enable you to see the place where the art of flamenco has long been staged – a cave called El Carmen. A traditional Granada site for flamenco dance and music, with performances given only for distinguished guests. Get ready for an authentic demonstration of flamenco art. You'll enjoy a show staged by professional artists and prepare for it by attending a clapping workshop given by an expert flamenco performer. And when you get a little hungry from all this, how about tasting some of the delightful “tapas” from Granada? You'll attend an authentic flamenco art performance with a group of professionals, along with a tapas tasting session.

The tapa is now one of the identifiers of Spanish cuisine. And now, you can see this for yourself in the world's tapas capital: Seville. You'll enjoy a tour conceived exclusively for you, in which you can taste the wonderful array of Seville's most exquisite “little dishes”. On this tour, you'll delve deep into the culture of Seville, discovering the best of Spanish tapas, and all the benefits and contributions of the tapa to the richness of traditional Spanish culture. You'll take a walking tour of the most authentic and local bars in the Andalusian capital, while enjoying the magical atmosphere and savoring the exquisite snacks and wines of this land. And you'll discover why the tapa is called a tapa. And how it has become an avant-garde culinary offering, due to chefs like Ferrán Adriá. And, of course, you'll enjoy tapas tasting in all its various art-forms, visiting places you'll want to return to again and again. When you've finished this tour, you'll fully understand how this phenomenon came about, and why it crosses borders and conquers the palates of people world over. Can we take your order please?

Picasso loved it. He wanted his works to be present in the city of his birth, and that's what happened. His daughter-in- law and grandson Christine and Bernard Ruiz- Picasso made it possible, donating his family collection to the city museum Museo Picasso Málaga. And now you can be part of it, too. With 233 works by Picasso around you, produced from 1892 to 1972. The highly personal works of a special artist in the history of modern Western art. You have the chance to get to know the works in which he showed his absolute command of a variety of styles, materials and techniques. And you can see this from an intimate standpoint: behind closed doors, when the daily crowd has gone, and you can only breath that magical aura of calm. And with access to the terraces as well, the Palacio Buenavista and its coordinator, security team and museum staff – all at your service for whatever you may need. Take advantage of this exclusive chance to enjoy a guided tour conceived specially for you and your accompanying persons. And if you want, you can have a cocktail dinner celebration in the same place. Why not accept Picasso's invitation and come?

Time travel has always been entertaining, and even more so if there's food and drink in the lineup. And if it's in a place as rich in history as Málaga, it’s as attractive as the dishes on offer here. Malaga was Phoenician, Roman, Jewish. Muslim and today, it is Castilian. This is the incredible heritage of this city. And every culture down through the ages has given the city its very best. And you can see this in the picturesque streets and the sumptuous cuisine. Would you like to see it for yourself? Rome bequeathed garum. The Mohammedans, raisins. The Castilians invented the famous fried fish, pescaíto frito. Something difficult to describe in words. The mixture of all this gave the city a balanced diet that has traveled far beyond its borders. It is said that eating well increases happiness. So here, you can be the happiest person in the world. You'll taste the delights of each culture, discovering the origin of every dish made today, and experiencing the variety of lifestyles in each culture enshrined in this magnificent city. And all this, thanks to a trip like no other. And if this journey through time, tasting delightful dishes, is not quite enough, you can book a private cooking lesson and learn the culinary skills of this city for yourself. Málaga and its multicultural heritage are waiting for you.