Welcome to paradise, welcome to the Balearic Islands. Dive into these crystal-clear waters, marvel at the picturesque coves and the exuberant vegetation… and try some delightful island cuisine. Peace and quiet, or razzmatazz – you can find both here in these beautiful islands creating unforgettable memories.

We don't know if the birds that fly over the island are Majorcan, but you can take to the wing and ask them if you want... You'll hover along their flight path in an exclusive helicopter tour of the island, seeing unique sights and visiting the city like never before – from the clouds. It's sure to be an unforgettable trip, with bird's eye views of everything. Majorca will stand majestically at your feet – with sights such as the Bay of Santa Ponsa, dominated from the north by the Puig de Galatzo mountain. You won't just move along with some feathered friends and look for cloud number 9. You'll also be astounded by the magnificent Tramuntana mountains, carving an unparalleled landscape as they drop into the sea. Then you'll get an overhead view of the Sa Dragonera Nature Park, the Andratx district and the Montaña de la Madonna, where, if you look hard, you'll see the silhouette of a reclining woman, resting on the slopes at 3,000 feet. These picturesque areas with no human population will spread out before your eyes, over the Tramuntana mountains, with their rough, rocky terrain. You won't find any better way to see all this, except from your private helicopter.

You may not know it, but at 2000 ft, you will be the only one to break the absolute silence... Or maybe a flock of birds passing by your left side... But in any case, you'll discover how to dominate a new space around you – the thin air. But this doesn't happen just out of the blue. You will have contributed to making this possible, by helping to inflate the hot-air balloon all the way through to casting off the sand bags. These first few moments before you rise may make your stomach a little queasy. But as soon as you settle down in the basket and say goodbye to the ground, you'll start enjoying a brand-new sensation – total freedom! You'll head for the clouds, and start seeing things from a new perspective, and perhaps even reach out and touch some imaginary cotton wool. Just look. At your feet are the islands of Cabrera and Menorca. From the heights you can see the little white village, the country houses, and the impressive hills. And our monitors will be there to instruct you in everything, from early morning at crack of dawn, all the way through to landing at some point on Majorca, where a private vehicle will be waiting to pick you up. And to top it off, we'll give you a hot-air balloon flight certificate. A memorable proof of passage. Are you ready to float in mid-air?

An experience like this starts off with an excursion – looking for the best fresh, organic produce you can find in the traditional city marketplace. But you won't be alone. You'll have a professional chef by your side, which will let you in on all the secrets of buying the best ingredients for the day's menu. Secret by secret, you'll discover all the standards of the finest of elite chefs in this part of the world. Then, after choosing the right ingredients and discovering the authentic ambiance of a Mediterranean market, you'll attend a cooking class which the chef will have created and personalized specially for you. You can prepare whatever dish you want under his supervision and guidance. Then comes the best moment of all. You'll sit down to taste your creation on such a unique day, and in such a unique place as the Balearic Islands. This is a gastronomic experience like no other, in which you can increase your cooking skills and awaken your senses to the full. But if you want a little more, and something even more exclusive, you can have it, too. Why not make a private appointment with the chef of a famous 5-star hotel restaurant in the city. He will be at your service for a private cooking lesson in a magical place, and you'll try your hand at making an exquisite dish with him, which you will then taste and comment on. Difficult to imagine... maybe, but not impossible for us to arrange it for you.

Discovering the passion of wine can start almost any possible way. Jaume Llabrés, owner of the wine cellar Bodega Son Prim, was originally a furniture restorer. But he thought something was lacking in his daily work: fresh air and sunshine. So he started "restoring" his family's vineyards, only to become a highly successful wine-grower today. So he combines his love of nature and its fruits with a passion for wine-making. And now you can see – and taste – the results of this. A unique wine – the fruit of one man's passion and love for this art. Similarly, the wines from Bodega Macià Batle have a history just waiting to be told. Because every wine they make has a personal story behind it. Such as this one: the vineyard was first started with the arrival of the Romans in 123 BC! And it produces a unique grape variety only to be found on this island. Thanks to these two wine-growers, you'll tour the incredible facilities and the vineyards of these experts, and find out exactly why these wines contribute to a magnificent lifestyle. You'll also enjoy a tasting of four wines in complete comfort, while you increase your knowledge of wine-making by talking to the experts and tasting fantastic Majorcan culinary delights.

Palma is an island for cycling at its best. Feel the incredible island breeze on your skin. A unique sensation that will also delight your sense of smell. The sea breeze and the salt spray aroma will accompany you everywhere, while you tour all the monuments and marvel at the incredible scenery. Using cycling routes, you'll visit the narrow streets and squares of the historic city centre, and watch all the architecture of this island unfold before you. Starting at the port, the seafront promenade, all the way to the Parque del Mar, touring the ancient city walls. The route is full of beauty spots along the way, like the Gothic church of San Francisco, the old church of Santa Eulalia, and the magnificent Palma Cathedral. On your return, you'll bike through the heart of the cultural and shopping district of Palma: the Plaza Mayor, the Rambla, the Bellver Castle, and finally arrive back at the seafront promenade. Here, you'll then enjoy another memorable experience – a private boat ride around the Bay of Palma, accompanied by some wonderful local sparkling wine called Cava. Can you imagine it? Well, stop imaging, and start getting in on the action. And don't forget your sunglasses.