Can you imagine a place that is so unique that you’ll never forget it? You don’t have to anymore. Just come to the Canaries and you’ll see. Start with the incredible beaches and cap it off with a trip to the top of a volcano! Sail along with whales, come scuba diving in fantastic places and taste the island cuisine that will amaze you. Get ready for an unparalleled adventure.

Stop pinching yourself. It's not a dream – all those landscapes from another planet, the exotic vegetation, the volcanic lava and many other marvels. No, it's not a dream. It's just some of the unbelievable attractions of the Teide National Park, an area now listed as UNESCO World Heritage. And you can see it all for yourself. Lace up your hiking boots and let the expert guide show you the way. You'll traverse a maze of exotic vegetation, along fascinating trails, breathing in the pure air of Spain's highest mountain, walking through the lava fields, and feeling maybe a little small in the immensity of these incredible mountain slopes. Once you are up to 6000 ft, you start enjoying the impressive vistas of the neighboring islands of La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro. But the dream-scape doesn't end there. Now you take an aerial tramway up to 9800 ft., which is only a short walk from the highest mountain peak in Spanish territory. Accompanied by your private guide, who will tell you all about this active volcano, you will marvel at the panoramic views under your feet, with rivers of petrified lava, eroded rock formations, colorful wild flowers, and more, as you walk to the Teide crater and see some incredible views of the island of Tenerife, and the surrounding sea and islands. Your expert guide will then take you to the world's largest solar-powered observatory, where you will be able to see the sun like never before. Get your camera ready and enjoy.

There comes a time when you reach the dizzying heights of your career. And from there on, you keep on achieving even more. This is what happened to Chef Germán Blanco on the Canaries, now considered the best chef on the island, having won the Sol Repsol award. And now you can be with him and listen to his wise advice, exclusively and totally in private, for 8 full hours. It all starts when the chef himself picks you up at your hotel in private transport and takes you to the local market, where he buys his raw materials to prepare exquisite dishes at his restaurant. Fruit, vegetables, fresh fish and meat, as required. You can choose the wares along with him, and see just how fresh everything is, in an authentic Canary Islands atmosphere. During the morning, he will tell you all the secrets of Canary cuisine, while he prepares a special, personalized luncheon, while you lend him your assistance. And if you want to, you can also enjoy a wine tasting together with his multi-award-winning sommelier Gustavo Palomo. And this is all combined with the incredible vibrations of a chic restaurant located in Lanzarote, where you can mingle in with the surroundings in perfect harmony. All you have to do is let yourself be carried away, and enjoy.

Have you ever sailed along with dolphins, whales and other sea creatures? If anyone ever asks, next time the answer will be: Sure! Because now you can embark on your private, exclusive sailboat with whoever you want to impress. A boat with all kinds of on-board luxuries. You'll be picked up from your hotel and taken to the Columbus Port in a private vehicle. Here, your boat will be waiting for you to sail along the southern coast of Tenerife. On deck, you can enjoy the calm seas and bright sunshine while discovering the most beautiful coastal sites on Tenerife, sailing along with whales, dolphins and other cetaceans just a few yards from your boat. Commune with the elements, and enjoy.

Lanzarote is a marvel, where the Portuguese writer and recipient of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Literature spent the last years of his life. This tour is full of contrasting elements, such as terrain that is apparently wasteland, but produces unusual fruits; the private life of a universal writer like Saramago, as seen in his home-museum where he spent his last 18 years. This home-museum opens its doors to you. Here, you discover the writer's passion for art, life and literature. A home that he described as being "a house made of books." Then you head towards the Timanfaya Nature Park, where you can marvel at the scenery, which includes the wine-growing district of La Geria, on terrain which is incredibly beautiful. Here, the farmers have created something quite unusual. They have managed to coax the seemingly dead black lava soil into producing exotic grapes. At the wine-cellar Bodega El Grifo you can see how they make their excellent wines, in the company of your expert guides who show you all the secrets of this land. And then you get to taste the wines and commune with the flavors of this extraordinary island paradise. A total of 20 fascinating volcanoes surround you here. You can find out about the geothermal experiments being performed here, deep underground. You will also have time to visit a natural "oven", where you can see how typical Canary Island recipes are cooked in what is known as the “Mountain of Fire”. Then you ascend to a crater to get some impressive views of the islands, heading towards the lava fields of the Bay of El Golfo. And before you return to your hotel, you'll visit the Salt Flats of Janubio – in a fascinating tour of the coastal lava cliffs along Los Hervideros. Are you ready for some real fascination?

If you're into diving, maybe you've heard of the submarine sculpture park in the Caribbean and the submerged museum off the coast of Cancun. All this is the work of one single artist: Jason de Caires Taylor. And in Lanzarote, he has also set up one of his most beautiful creations, in the Atlantic Museum. The first submarine museum in Europe. It's a marvel of the Old World. So now you can come and dive into underwater art, among the bubbles and the colorful fish. With works where the author depicts modern society, with themes such as the refugee crisis, the fusion of nature and humanity, of the influence of new technologies in modern-day society. Since you need a diving certificate to visit this site, if you don't have one, we'll give you a course so you can pass your test. That way you won't miss this prestigious underwater art museum. Are you ready for some art under the sea?