Spectacular beaches, world-famous cuisine, artwork by some of the best, like Gaudí and Dalí. Scenic landscape, culture, architecture and an enviable lifestyle. Just about everything. In Catalonia, there are so many cultural attractions that you can simply take your pick. And they are sure to surprise you every step of the way.

Grounded? No problem. With wings, we can do anything. And when you have marvelous things to see from the heights, a helicopter is the solution. Barcelona is like a huge work of art by Gaudí. You can visit his architectural marvels from street level, and see the interiors of masterworks such as Casa Batlló, Casa Milà, and others, but you can also enjoy them from a perspective that others don't get to see: from the clouds. And it's not only Gaudí who has left his mark on Barcelona. You can also discover all the secrets of other prestigious architects in the same Modernist style, such as Puig i Cadafalch and Domènech i Montaner, thanks to a guided tour of some of their most outstanding works. Without doubt, one of the fathers of Modernism was Antoni Gaudí, who converted Barcelona into a canvas for his creations, and where you can now see some of his most fascinating works. Something as great as this is a little difficult to describe – best thing is you just come and see. Don't worry about the heights, just come and visit Barcelona from the skies, for a truly unforgettable experience.

Picasso always knew where to go in Barcelona. And now you can follow him in his daily footsteps, live what he lived and feel what he felt every single day when he came here with his family in 1895. We all seem to recognize these mythical bohemian haunts in our collective memories... And now you can discover just how much Barcelona has to offer in the way of art, history and sheer style, on every single street corner. On a perfectly programmed tour, you will visit the most emblematic places in the city, where all the artists and intellectuals used to meet daily to comment on their masterworks. Places that are still full of magic and talent, and where they all found inspiration: modernist art galleries, secret rendezvous, literary bars and cabarets... You will also discover the studios where Picasso created some of his most fascinating works. And the culmination of it all is a guided visit to the incredible Picasso Museum. The curator himself of the museum will tell you all you need to know, how Picasso found inspiration, and all the secrets of some of his works. How would you like to become Picasso for a day?

Now you can find out about the historic sparkling wine, or "cava",production near Barcelona from a different vantage point. It's an incredible and exclusive helicopter ride to a marvelous wine-cellar located in the outlying Penadés district of Barcelona, while you see all the sights from the clouds. You're expected at this small, historic but avant-garde wine cellar where cava is still hand-made, near Barcelona. The first cava made here was in 1949, and since then, they are renowned for their highly characteristic cava, in the making of which great pains are taken to ensure its absolute quality. Once you get here, you'll go on a guided tour by Segway. You can tour the vineyards and enjoy the panoramic views of the Penedés wine-growing district, with the impressive Montserrat massif in the background. You'll find out how cava is made, and how they make their white wines, on a complete tour of the estate, capped off with a commented wine tasting of 3 marvelous premium quality cavas. And after seeing everything at this spectacular "bodega", you'll be served a luxury menu accompanied by the finest wines and cavas from the area. And then you will return to the capital, Barcelona, in a few blinks of the eye, in your private helicopter. Although you might want to keep your eyes open. There's much to see.

Here, many voices have been heard, many have cried and laughed, and many encores have been shouted. Welcome to the Liceo in Barcelona. A place where sensitivity is the watchword, with world-famous opera performances by leading artists have long been staged. And they don't just come to act, but also to enjoy all the beauty of its fabulous seats and opera boxes. The Liceo in Barcelona doesn't need much presentation. It shines with a privileged and glamorous light of its own. Echoing the history of the opera, opening nights and repeat performances, and now it's your turn to become part of this history. The Liceo is grandiose, more than great. It is Europe's largest horseshoe opera house and the world's second biggest as well. So big that it's hard to believe. For reasons like this it has been listed as artistic and cultural heritage of the Catalonian regional government. Now you can hear the music, and see the show. Look: How would you like to see all this exclusively prepared for you? And watch a performance in a private box and enjoy a private dinner in the Miralls salon? And visit this marvelous opera house with a glass of champagne in your hand while you listen to a concert here. Choose whatever you want, because we can make it happen for you. That's what life is for.

The “Castells” are one of the strangest and most genuine cultural manifestations in Europe, consisting of the construction of human towers up to nine or ten people in height. It is an exciting and picturesque tradition, in which strength, balance and courage are all combined. You can see this festival and experience it as if you were one of the participants, in thrilling moments that have been shared by families from generation to generation. It is normally a child who tops these human towers, reaching the highest point thanks to the strength and support of the entire tower team. And the plaza down below is packed with onlookers and visitors. And this is where you will be, marveling at this tradition which was declared by UNESCO to be amongst the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2010. The Castellers are sure to provoke sensations and thrills you've never had before. And not only that, but you'll be able to experience this for yourself and learn all about their history, traditions and feats from the inside. You're invited to enjoy a private entertainment session inside one of the Castells clubs in town. And you may even be invited to climb one of those incredible human towers...