You’re in for a surprise, because this country has thousands of years of history and culture. Experience all the iconic traditions for yourself, with incredible popular festivals, unique landscape and outstanding monuments. Discover all the secrets that make Spain so rich in cultural attractions. Are you ready for some marvels?

When the day's visitors disappear, and – especially in summer – The sun sets over Seville after 10pm, that's when the fragrances of jasmine and orange blossom float in the air. At that time, you start your evening tour of Europe's oldest royal palace laid out before your feet. The echoes of time past are mingled with a construction that was started in the Early Middle Ages, with various reforms and additions being made in different styles, ranging from Islamic art to the Baroque, not to mention Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance. In this sublime atmosphere, with its beautiful gardens, patios and splendid salons, all kinds of gala events are held, such as receptions, elite conferences, classical music concerts and many more. And in this unique ambiance, you suddenly appear. Making a tour of all its nooks and crannies, full of the wonders of a private night-time visit. The magic of the nights of Seville await you. All you have to do is dare to feel something unimaginable.

Experience some unique and unforgettable moments with the Boamistura graffiti art group. You and Boamistura, in the streets of Madrid, while you marvel at their astounding graffiti works. After achieving fame in countries like the UK, USA, Brazil, South Africa and Serbia, they are ready to welcome you to their lair in Madrid. Whether you're a follower or not, you'll get to know their art, their artists and their concepts in person. These Five Thinking Heads got together to transform Street art and create a special vehicle for people who wanted to enhance their surroundings. How would you like to link up with them? Joya de España offers you a unique luxury team to guide you through the working philosophy of this increasingly prominent team of artists. You'll see how much they love their work, and everything they do. And you won't have to pinch yourself – this is real, and true.

As the sun sets over Madrid, the doors to one of the most visited museums in the world close, and the public leaves the masterpieces of the 17th and 18th centuries to sleep in peace. But that's when you enter the scene. In complete privacy and with all the halls empty, an expert guide is there to show you, and you alone, all the details that few can ever hear in this sanctuary of European art. You'll find out about all the kings of Spain and their relationship to the works on display: Goya and Carlos IV, Hieronymus Bosch and other Flemish artists and Felipe II, Velázquez and Rubens and Felipe IV. And Murillo, and El Greco, and Raphael, and more, much more. Just imagine: you alone, standing next to The Garden of Earthly Delights, or Saturn Devouring His Son, or Las Meninas... Or seeing so many other of famous works on display here. Deciding exactly where you want to go. It depends on you only. And if you want, after the visit you can enjoy a magnificent cocktail or have dinner in the museum itself, in the Sala de las Musas or the Vestibule of St. Jeronimo. All you have to do is ask. The inspiration of the masters is waiting for you, alone.

Can you imagine a unique moment with one of the marvels of the world? Stop imagining. Come and see one of the world's most beautiful sites, in an exclusive visit when everyone else has left the palace. You, alone with the Alhambra face to face, at one of the most impressive fortresses in the world. The Alhambra is a palace that boasts the pinnacle of Andalusian Islamic art, harmoniously combined with Iberian and Roman architecture. An authentic masterpiece, where you can enjoy some of the most magical and unimaginable moments. Some have said that you can live "the Earth's most intriguing sunset" here. A stroll round the Generalife gardens gives you the best that Granada has to offer, with privileged views that only the Alhambra can provide from its hilltop location above the city. Once you are here, you'll come face to face with another two symbols of the city: the Albayzín and the Sacromonte hills, flanked by the Darro and Genil rivers, in another-worldly atmosphere that is sure to enthrall you. And then you'll be catapulted into the literary works, not of Washington Irving, but of the Arabic chroniclers who compared Granada to a king’s crown, with the diadem of the Alhambra set in front, flanked by the incredible Sierra Nevada mountains. Get ready to experience all the bewitching magic of Granada..

Discover Dalí. His surrealism, obsessions, intimacy, artworks and private mementos and creations. Discover him and enjoy. Yes, you can. All you have to do is dare to make that first step, and then you just keep going. You'll visit the Dalí Museum in Figueres, the world's largest surrealist construction. And if you want privacy, just ask for a unique and exclusive visit behind closed doors, and commune with the artist's works and surreal spaces reserved for the mind of a genius like Dalí. Then you can make an intimate visit to Dalí haunts, in Portlligat, a few miles from Cadaqués, and see his house, or if you prefer, you can program a private visit to the Púbol Castle by Dalí, restored by his wife Gala, and marvel at the incredible surrealism created by this world-famous artist. But the excitement doesn't end here. We will pick you up at the hotel to start off the day with a fascinating tour of the city of Girona. You'll enjoy the streets and the historic center of town, before discovering all the wonders of the famous Dalí. Lots of enjoyment specially designed just for you. Be realistic and choose surrealism.