“Top brands, prestigious designers… Spain also stands for style. Experience all the national haute couture for yourself, go shopping with experts, and marvel at some of the most sophisticated fashion events in the country, right from row one. “

Like centennial trees standing in the forests of culture, there are still century-old shops in Barcelona in the impressive old quarters known as the Gothic and Born neighborhoods. Time has passed for these classic shops, but they have managed to survive and protect their unique charm. They preserve a legacy that is part of the sentimental geography of this city. You will visit these shops, built in a variety of styles, such a neo-classical, modernist or traditional, and discover how deeply rooted they are in the history of Barcelona. But not only that. The shop owners will be the ones to tell you some of their secrets and legends, ensconced within the walls of these historic sites.  Some of the shops you will visit are El Rei de la Màgia, El Indio, Cereria Subirà and El Cafè de l’Òpera – all part of your unforgettable centennial shop tour. A journey back in time to discover a century-old heritage.

He has everything. And it all began when he started designing spaces like the great artists used to do on their canvases. His talent has catapulted him to the top of his league. He's sought-after, honored and solicited all round the world, even in the USA. He is well known as a great antiquarian and outstanding decorator – some say even an authentic visionary. For over 20 years he has been proving his expertise, and making a name for himself in interior design by combining a variety of styles. He has a revolutionary way of creating his designs and interiors: "We make great efforts in our work to transmit to the client what the project will look like when it's finished, and encourage them to have confidence in our work. I don't establish the terms with clients – my relationship is always long-term. I just travel and find things for them." You will learn a lot about interior design, fashions and styles, by communing with one of the great names in this field. A meeting that only the very few privileged people like you can enjoy. You don't know his name yet, but when you find out, you'll never forget it.

There are few occasions like this, with such unlimited access to an exclusive event. But this is one of them. You'll attend the fashion shows from the front row, just a few inches from the models, designers and teams working at this private catwalk in Valencia. You can alternate between live shows, with visits backstage, and visits to the “kissing room”, where you can meet these professionals face to face. But the excitement doesn't end here. Come nightfall, you'll start experiencing some unrepeatable moments on incredible scenarios, surrounded by all the Fashion Show participant, accompanying them wherever the party takes them. And these are not the only exclusive things you can do. You can also design your own moment of fame, and live the experience however you want: meeting fashion designers in private, or participating in the media and hobnobbing with the fashion critics, or simply meeting and talking to the models. You choose your own exclusive arrangement. And you won't be alone. You'll be accompanied by a legend in the field of fashion. The great Josep Lozano, with an unbeatable track record in his field, will be your personal guide to ensure that your experience will be memorable from start to finish. Because he will be your stage director for your stay. You'll live an exclusive, live event – a fashion event that Vogue calls "one of the most well consolidated and important fashion platforms in Spain", located in the glamorous setting of the Ágora building, designed by Santiago Calatrava, right next to the renowned City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia. You don't choose. You just get everything.