Joya de España joins Virtuoso, the prestigious world network for top-end travelers

Joya de España, now positioned amongst the top three luxury agencies welcoming travelers to Spain, celebrates an important milestone today with its new membership in Virtuoso, an exclusive network helping the Spanish company to reinforce its international presence and achieve one of its main aims: positioning Spain as a luxury destination.

Joya de España offers Virtuoso customers its prestigious network of services and connections comprising renowned referrals such as Michelin-star chefs, elite athletes and fashion designers, all from Spain. Clients of this accredited international company will now be able to share the fare with famous chefs, improve their swing with world-famous golfers or enjoy a game of tennis with international tournament champions.

Virtuoso, through Joya de España, can also offer private guided tours at museums closing to the general public for the occasion, or enjoy unique experiences like spending a workday with skilled craftsmen from many different fields of expertise. These requests are arranged by Joya de España on a bespoke basis from the time travelers arrive in Spain until the day they leave the country.


Services like these are frequently requested by international banking executives, corporate executives and also by private individuals and families who want to get to know Spain in a truly select and way.

Virtuoso is the leading network of travel advisors and agencies in the world. This organization, which can only be joined by invitation, comprises over 740 travel agency locations with more than 11,400 elite advisors in 41 countries across North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Among its membership are 1,700 travel suppliers and first-class destinations. It was precisely the recommendations of several agencies belonging to Virtuoso which have made it possible for Joya de España to join this prestigious network.

Virtuoso member agencies generate over $15.5 billion a year in travel sales, making this group the single most powerful force in the luxury travel segment. Virtuoso’s relationships with leading companies give its influential clientele some of the most exclusive services they can find, along with unique experiences and privileged access to fantastic destinations, including a series of “amenities” free of charge at all its hotels, plus a series of bespoke experiences designed exclusively for Virtuoso clients. 


Joya de España was founded by a team of leading professionals in the field of marketing and tourism with successful careers in the public and business sector, placing this young company amongst the top three luxury travel companies in Spain today.

Exclusivity is the “leitmotiv” of this company – a kind of exclusivity reflected in the unique services it provides and the brand image of Spain it projects, thanks to the collaboration of outstanding “ambassadors” in fields in which Spain is considered an international benchmark name.

The experiences offered by Joya de España stand out for the sensations and emotions they generate, as target audiences in the luxury sector appreciate these new intangible values ​​and show a high degree of loyalty.