Madrid is not just for sightseeing. It’s for living in sheer style. A cosmopolitan capital where you can stroll the narrow streets of the old city or view the modern promenades, full of the passion and energy of the locals. Wonder at the cultural and artistic heritage this city offers. But a word of warning: you’ll never feel the same again after visiting Madrid.

Who hasn't heard of Spanish tapas? Spanish gastronomy cannot be understood without reference to the famous "little dish", or "lid", that was once said to keep the flies out of your wine... Everyone in Spain enjoys  the routine of strolling from bar to bar and trying the little dishes and small-sized beers called "cañas" while talking and laughing with friends and new acquaintances. This is part of the Spanish culture, and has been exported to many places around the world. But here, you can enjoy the authentic Madrid experience. Since visitors don't often know exactly how to "go about it", or what bars to visit, if they don't have local friends, we've devised a way for you to ensure that you get the real deal. You'll be accompanied at all times by a chaperone who will guide you round the best local places so you can find all those hidden tapa treasures in the capital of Spain. Feeling a little hungry? OK, let's go for tapas, and enjoy!

The art of bullfighting is born from passion. And one of the temples of the bullfighting world is in Madrid. The Las Ventas Bullring is famous, and has always been a melting pot of bullfighting passion, welcoming all the great legends of the noble art of tauromachy at some point. As soon as you put your foot inside, you can almost feel the ground quiver with the sheer weight of the brave, ferocious bulls that come here from the southern pastures. You are sure to be thrilled. You will find out about all the secrets of the art of bullfighting, from one of the experts, one of our finest guides. And at the end of the visit, you can have your own lesson in bullfighting, trying out Toreo de Salón, ie, fighting a dummy bull with real horns on wheels. This practice session is part of the cultural treasures of Spain, and you can discover what it's like to perfect the technique of facing a real bull thanks to the wise advice of an ex-bullfighter – a real honor and privilege for any tauromachy enthusiast. “Feel it however you want – but feel it", he will say. Listen carefully to the words of a man who has survived so many deadly onslaughts.

We all like to fit in some shopping when we're out on a trip. We want something that will remind us of those marvelous days in Madrid, but often we don't have the local knowledge to find the right places to go. You won't have this problem. You'll have an expert at your service, who will take you round the traditional shops and markets just oozing that genuine atmosphere. You can start off in the Chueca neighborhood, world famous for its happy, unprejudiced attitude towards life, with people who will make you feel at home. Then you can visit the illustrious districts of Las Letras, famous for its 17th-C literary atmosphere, during the Spanish Golden Age, with inhabitants like Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Quevedo and lots of artists. This is the most artistic district in the city, full of world-famous art galleries, just around the corner from the Atocha station, Calle Cruz, Carrera de San Jerónimo and Paseo del Prado. Everything is close at hand: art spaces, historic bookstores, legendary sites, literary milestones, artistic monuments, and much more. And to cap it off, you can try a delicious "chocolate con churros", one of the more traditional customs of Spanish gastronomy, as an afternoon snack.

Chill out at one of the exclusive glamour spots in downtown Madrid. In the ambiance of a sophisticated club where celebrities meet from all parts of the world, now you can enjoy a special evening. There's only one aim: enjoy yourself like never before. Thanks to the exceptional surroundings, with some of the most emblematic buildings along Calle Alcalá. Are you ready for the evening? You start with a cocktail masterclass at the Madrid Casino. The master barman will teach you how some of the best cocktails are made here. Then you'll become one of the lucky few who get to taste the avant- garde dishes prepared here, with the assistance of one of the leading chefs on the Madrid gastronomy scene: Paco Roncero. You'll enjoy an exclusive dinner on the wonderfully chic terrace of the Madrid Casino. This famous chef will allow you to discover all the latest innovations in Spanish cuisine, and you're sure to have a unique experience – as each of the 5 senses is fully activated, one after another. You'll marvel at this incredible dining experience. If you're looking for originality and creativity, you've found it. Welcome to Madrid's latest culinary challenge.

We supply the professional camera. We supply the professional. We give you some professional advice. And the perfect backdrop: Madrid. Mounted in a mobile workshop, you'll tour the city along with an expert photographer and get all the tips and advice you need for some memorable shots of this fantastic capital. It starts off with a review of basic photography techniques and concepts, such as exposure, ISO speed, shutter speed, aperture, using light and shade, and other things you need to know or review. Among the shots you might like to capture are emblematic locations in the city like the Plaza Mayor, the San Miguel Market, the Austrias neighborhood, the Royal Palace and the Sabatín Gardens, the Puerta del Sol, the Metrópolis Building, the Cibeles Fountain, the City Hall, The Puerta de Alcalá and El Retiro . All you have to do is get your timing right, and hit the shutter to capture some incredibly memorable moments.