Spain is synonymous with the Mediterranean. Marvel at the unique landscapes featuring both sea and mountains. Enjoy the vitality of the people, the climate, the cuisine, and join in the fun at world-famous festivities like the Fallas. You’ll be so thrilled that you’ll probably never want to leave..

A restless and passionate chef, Ricard Camarena is equally committed with a total respect for seasonal products and ensuring his customers always feel welcome and like at home. This successful combination of taste, freshly sourced products and excellence in service made him winning a Michelin Star three times and three Repsol Suns for his ‘Ricard Camarena Restaurant‘. During this exceptional day, you will be able to enjoy hand in hand with Ricard a mouth-watering day discovering Valencia through his gastronomic spaces. First stop: “Central bar” the real Kilometre 0 Bar, located inside the iconic Valencia’s Central Market, Europe’s biggest and most spectacular art nouveau food market. There, we will have breakfast with Ricard and will discover the best products in Valencia for a superb gastronomical experience.  Second stop: “Ricard Camarena Lab”; in the modernist gastro market of Colón , Ricard Camarena has his Laboratory, a mix of a R&D laboratory and cookery classroom, where we will have together with Ricard and his staff an exclusive and private show cooking lesson. Third stop: Ricard Camarena restaurant – 1 Michelin Star and 3 Repsol suns -;  for a perfect end finally at the newest contemporary Art Museum of the city, Bombas Gens guests will enjoy a wonderful gastronomical menu cooked by Ricard Camarena and his team. The experience includes: Full day experience with the Michelin-starred chef Ricard Camarena Full day interpreter escort guide Breakfast at Mercat Central with visit to the Central Market. Show cooking at the LAB of Ricard Camarena at Colón modernist gastro market. Michelin-starred menu at Ricard Camarena restaurant at Bombas Gens Art Centre with snack and 6 dishes cooked by Ricard and his team. Private transfers . A present from Ricard, his book “Caldos” and a bottle of “Letern”

Awaken all five senses at the same time. See some fabulous scenery. Rev up your sense of smell in the midst of flowers and plants. Listen to the bird singing. Touch the warm waters of the sea, and taste the rich, authentic cuisine of this land. Feel like you are part of the nature, culture and customs of Valencia. Would you like that? It's the ideal place to unwind and enjoy some enviable natural surroundings. You can visit the calm, refreshing Nature Park of La Albufera Lake south of the city, where you will wonder at the Mediterranean pines and the marshlands that serve as nesting grounds for countless bird species. Come and immerse yourself in unparalleled landscape and customs. You'll start off with a traditional boat ride around the waterways of the Nature Park. This, by itself, is an unforgettable experience that will take you back to ages past, while you enjoy the typical local sweetmeats washed down with the traditional muscatel wine called "mistela". Then you finish your boat ride at our dock, leading to our private "barraca", the traditional A-frame cottages around the lagoon, where you will witness an authentic paella cooking competition and enjoy a totally personalized menu including local gastronomic delights and wines, all of excellent quality. And you can also have a unique memento. A film record of your trip to Valencia. Yes, you'll be the star. Your whole trip to Valencia will be filmed so that you will never forget this incredible experience. Enjoy Valencia in its purest state.

The Fallas festival in Valencia is one of the most universal celebrations on the planet. This spring celebration is replete with traditional cultural iconography, and is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage festival. And it's something you can take part in. Fire, folklore, regional costumes, gunpowder, dancing, vitality, and lots of music. All this outdoors, on the streets, with a sense of belonging, and making everyone feel welcome. Your specialized personal guide will take you round all the incredible Fallas monuments set up on every street corner, satirizing current Spanish and international affairs. All these luxurious monuments are burnt to the ground at the end of the festival to celebrate the spring solstice. And you'll find out more about this tradition and its history, seeing all the significant events and sights in the city, such as the Town Hall, the ebullient Central Market, or the Plaza de la Merced, and all the awardwinning Fallas monuments of the year, which are sure to leave you astounded. And there are other moments of interest, too, such as the Flower Offering to the city's patron saint Our Lady of the Forsaken, and the daily sound fireworks displays that make the ground shake under your feet, with thousands of gunpowder explosions in the space of just a few minutes. You can enjoy this at street level or from a balcony well stocked with drinks and appetizers. Whatever you want. But just a word of advice: try keeping your mouth open during the fireworks displays... that way the vibrations spread all through your body.

In Spanish, a mussel is a "mejillón", but in Valencia, they call them "clóchinas", meaning the specific Mediterranean mussel. Around town you can find a series of mussel temples where these delicious treasures are steamed and served with a slice of lemon. But the secret of preparing a great Valencian "clóchina" is known to the lucky few. And you are one of them. You're going to find out for yourself all the secrets and tricks of cooking these fantastic delicacies in a unique and exclusive session prepared for you alone. Your appointment is at "Casa Montaña",  founded in 1836, and one of the most picturesque and traditional eating spots in Valencia, with lots of international fame, as reported in countless publications on food and travel. This is a meeting place for the savvy and the chic from town, and you can find distinguished guests and celebrities from the fields of politics, literature and art. After learning all about mussels, you can taste a home-made vermouth and some appetizers, such as Iberian ham and Spanish olives, in amongst the centuries-old barrels lining the walls. And if you want to enhance your skills even more, you can also sign up for a course in Iberian ham slicing and wine tasting, right here in the same place. Learning is always a pleasure when you're learning something uplifting. Are you ready for it?

If there is one city capable of harmoniously mixing the remains of its past, reaching back to 138 BC, with the most innovative and avant-garde constructions, that's Valencia. Would you like to see this for yourself? Valencia is culture, light, color, tradition, heat... Valencia is everything. A city that was historically considered the gateway to Spain from the Mediterranean, thanks to its strategic location. Words are not enough to describe all the marvels of Valencia. It's best to see it with your own eyes. You'll discover its old city center, dating back 2000 years, accompanied by the famous German architect Boris Strzelczyk, who says he is totally in love with this city. You'll stroll the streets and see the cream of Valencia architecture, its ancient town walls, while listening to the stories and secrets hidden behind the façades. You'll notice how your senses are inspired to new heights as you travel along this city route conceived specially for you. And to find out all the secrets of Valencia, the architect has designed a unique tour through exclusive and little-known indoor spaces and byways. A route that will also include some of the most emblematic buildings in town, such as the 15th-C Gothic Silk Exchange, a World Heritage site; the astounding Central Market; and the medieval Cathedral. In addition, along the way, you'll taste some of the gastronomic marvels of this land, too. It will be hard to say adiós. You'll have to learn how to say see you soon: hasta pronto!