“If you’re among those who love to live life to the full, Spain is your destination. Experience all the emotions of epic encounters for leisure and fun, meet sports celebrities and enjoy adventures that really get your adrenaline pumping, from start to finish. A trip to Spain is sure to be a watershed event in your life.”

You'll be welcomed by a world champion at 13 years of age, who went on to win Roland Garros in 2003, becoming 3-times Davis Cup champion, a Grand Slam finalist. A man who has won many other awards during his long tennis career. The incredible Juan Carlos Ferrero.   Come in comfortable clothes. Because you'll visit his exclusive tennis clinic where you'll train with Juan Carlos himself, learning some of the tricks that helped him to become a number one tennis star.   But that's not all. You'll also have an exclusive training session with Ferrero's personal trainer, Antonio Martínez. Then you will enjoy a guided tour of his facilities and the Juan Carlos Ferrero-Equelite Sport Academy to keep on improving your right hand. And then comes your merited relax session. You'll have the whole afternoon free to visit the city of Alicante and then get ready for a luxury dinner.   And if one day isn't enough for you, you can also book a complete, exclusive tennis course designed especially for you, combined with all kinds of activities such as a guided tour of Ferrero's favorite town, Bocairent, wine tastings at various wine-cellars, with health and beauty treatments thrown in.   But it doesn't end here. To ensure that you'll never forget this moment, when you get home, you'll receive as a personal gift from Juan Carlos Ferrero himself, an autographed tennis racquet together with a full set of equipment chosen specially for you.   Start getting that backhander in shape... you're on!

If you're into trekking, what better companion than the first woman to complete all 14 eight-thousander peaks in the world? There's no one better than her. So with this incredible guide, you're all set to come on an excursion you'll never forget. She'll accompany you on a thrilling climb to the top of Larrani, also known as Txindoki, one of the most popular peaks in Spain's Basque Country. Some locals call it the Basque Matterhorn. The day starts on the slopes of Larraintz, where, little by little, and accompanied by the fantastic Edurne Pasaban, you will climb to the beautiful and impressive balcony over the Sierra de Aralar, where the panoramas are unparalleled. When you get to the top, you'll know it was worth the effort. But this is really only a short rest. Now your route leads you to the cliffs and the waterfall of Muitze. You'll discover some incredible scenery, with the best guide you can imagine. And once you're up, you have to come down. You'll descend to your starting point for a delicious and merited lunch at a restaurant matching this memorable day, which should mark a whole new start to your mountaineering life. A memorable moment that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Make a wish. We'll make sure it happens.   Want a luxury car? You're driving. Choose from any of these: Araña Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari California, Maserati S Grandcabrio, Porsche MK 1 Cabrio S or Ferrari California. Or would you like something more classic? All you have to do is ask.   Made up your mind? Come on then, let's go. You'll have a GPS set up for some great routes around the city of Marbella, so you can enjoy all the sights, and whenever you want, you can return to your luxury suite anytime. Just follow your route.   If you need more suggestions for great driving, you can take an hour's trip to the famous Ronda vineyards. There, you can stop for lunch, or go luxury shopping in Málaga. Of maybe you want to be accompanied by your expert local guide in his own Ducati.   Then get ready for the afternoon. A helicopter will pick you up to take you to Ascari Driving, where you can get behind the wheel of the most exclusive super-cars in the world. And then straight back to your hotel by helicopter, because you have a dinner waiting for you at a Michelin-star restaurant.   Next day, an exclusive yacht will be at your service, and the captain and crew will be expecting you with a bottle of champagne on ice, so you can sail along with the dolphins and see the pirate caves of Gibraltar. And you have all day just for total enjoyment. Relax, soak in the sunshine, and feel totally at peace with yourself and the world. But if you want more thrills, how about some jet-skiing?   After this, your driver will take you back to your hotel. To cap off a fantastic day, your Michelin-star chef will prepare dinner for you, and then you have a VIP party thrown for you at Nikki Beach. Just enjoy, and whenever you want, your chauffeur will take you back to your hotel. It's time for a rest. And no worrying about catching your flight. Your driver will be ready to take you to the airport. Because, like we said before, you don't have to do anything except enjoy life like never before.   Here, your wishes are commands.