If you’re looking for something excitingly different, the hinterlands are for you. Surrounded by unique natural habitats, where you can enjoy outdoor adventures at their best. Get to know mountain cuisine, age-old customs and traditions that are sure to astonish you. The heartland of Spain is waiting for you.

There's a proposal for a different way to see the vineyards and estate of the abbey lands of Abadía de Retuerta. A memorable experience in which you have the pleasure of riding along the banks to the Duero River on horseback, enjoying nature at its best and catching the aroma of the vineyards close by, under centennial trees, discovering firsthand all the history and secrets of this renowned wine estate. A unique chance to see something incredible. During your tour you'll make some essential stops at the extraordinary Hedge Museum, designed to showcase the sculptures of internationally recognized contemporary German artist Ulrich Rückriem. Then you'll continue your tour of the estate, passing across the bridge over the famous Monks' Orchard, following the course of the Durius to finish off around the Fuentes Claras and Pradera del Convento. You can also tour the interior of the wine-cellar, finding out about the process of wine-growing and the secrets of wine-making possessed here, resulting in outstanding quality wines. As a luxury accompaniment and final note of this fantastic visit, you'll enjoy a commented wine tasting in the presence of an expert sommelier from the estate. Don't forget to bring riding clothes and something comfortable to kick around in.

Close your eyes and imagine a unique castle that looks like a fairy- tale palace on a magical night, and you are alone, alone with whoever you want, standing before one of the world's most impressive buildings. Now open your eyes. You're in Segovia. In complete privacy, when everyone has abandoned the fortress, leaving it empty, you enter the scene. An expert guide will be waiting to show you all the secrets of this place that only the lucky few are able to see. You're in front of one of the iconic medieval fortresses in the world –Segovia's Alcázar. Erected over a huge rocky promontory between the Eresma and Clamores rivers, it is a symbol of the art and history of Spain, which you now have the privilege of visiting on the night of your choice. You decide where you want to start, and follow its secret passageways leading to the river, and connecting to various other palaces in the city. Enjoy the incomparable views of Segovia from the top of the Juan II Tower. A king's privilege, and now yours, too.

There was a time when everything of any importance happened in Toledo, a city that reflected the spirit of Europe from the 2nd C until Spain's capital was strategically transferred to Madrid after 1522. Toledo is known as the city of the Three Cultures, where Jews, Mohammedans and Christians lived in peace. All of them left some of their heritage here, so that you can now enjoy these sights on a walk around the town. There are ancient Jewish quarters. And synagogues. And maze-like streets. Mysteries and legends, magical places such as the Tagus River valley, that winds around the city. You'll see the finest sights in the city: the Cathedral, the Synagogue of Santa Maria la Blanca, the Mosque of Light, the Monastery of St John, the Church of Santo Tomé, where you can see some of the most representative masterworks of El Greco himself. And of course, the visit can be tweaked to your specific interests and needs, with surprising and exclusive accesses to the hidden jewels of the city. Just about anything you can imagine. You're the king in this capital now.

Travel back to 1292. It may sound crazy to go back some 700 years in time, to Spain's famous sword-making city of Toledo, but that was when the original Marquise of Griñón family purchased the vineyards known as ‘Dominio de Valpedusa’, which after many years produced one of the most famous wines in the world. Faithful to their origins, the family has respected and maintained its past, its landscape and traditional activities, right down to today. After opening to the public in 2009, for just a few select guests of the family, it's your turn to visit this wine-cellar now. In complete privacy, where everything is placed at your service. At this famous domain, you'll have to the chance to try a traditional bread and extra-virgin olive oil tasting, accompanied by a guided tasting of three of the magnificent wines grown here. Throughout your visit, you'll be accompanied by an expert sommelier from the wine-cellar, who will let you in on all the secrets of producing such unique wines. And who knows, perhaps we'll bump into the Marquise as well!

The Spaniards say what they miss most when travelling abroad is their Iberian cured ham. That's how important it is in Spain. And after this total immersion course in the wonderful world of Iberian ham, you might think so too. With us, you'll enjoy a whole day at one of the temples of Iberian cured ham in the town of Guijuelo, famous throughout Spain for the high quality of its Iberian hams and other cured products, like cured pork, hot chorizo sausages and salchichón cold cuts. These delicacies will all be ready for your arrival. And you won't just taste the Iberian products. You'll also receive a masterclass on how to choose the best ham, how to keep it fresh, and cut it appropriately so that all your friends can enjoy its premium quality. In addition, you'll visit the facilities and find out all about how these products are produced. Accompanied at all times by a local expert for guidance and inspiration. You have all the comforts and conveniences here, too: information, advice, and private transport for all your needs. And we'll also visit a picturesque mountain town called Candelario, where we will visit a traditional sausage museum. After all this, you'll start missing our Iberian cured ham too!