If you’re looking for endless enjoyment and fresh air, the northern coast is your thing. Take it all in – the rocky cliffs and beautiful beaches, film-set scenery, rich cuisine and culture – because the North has lots of splendors to offer. And don’t forget that amazing experience along one of the most famous pilgrims’ routes in the world: St. James Way to Santiago. The North is for you if you want to live life to the full.

If you're a wine enthusiast, you're missing out on something important. If you're not, you're also missing out. Because this excursion is much more than a visit to a wine-cellar. It's an architectural tour de force. You'll visit some truly incredible wine-cellars of notable architectural attraction, which will give you some unforgettable experiences: Ysios, Casa Primicia, Baigorri, Cune and López Heredia. You can enjoy visiting these fine estates located in one of the world's best wine-growing regions: La Rioja in northern Spain. The cradle of Spanish wines – all of outstanding quality. If you don't believe it, you should discover it for yourself. Among these wine-cellars is the first designer bodega, created by the prestigious architect Santiago de Calatrava. It's a surprising work of art in itself, and also produces some of the most unique wines that anyone can taste from this region – and you can try it at our incredible wine tasting. At all these places, an expert enologist will guide you through all the necessary steps, and tell you a few secrets about each wine, so that you are fully prepared for tasting some authentic jewels of Spanish winegrowing. And for the finale touch on this marvelous day, we'll prepare a barbecue with typical local products, accompanied by the best wines we can find, or you might prefer a picnic out near the vineyards – an experience that will stay with you for a long time to come. The cathedral of Spanish wine is waiting for you. Come and enjoy a unique experience devised specially for you.

It is said that eating well fuels happiness. So here, you can be the happiest person in the world. Welcome to San Sebastián. With any doubt, it is one of the best cities in Spain for eating... And now you can discover this in a special way. But let's start from the beginning... To work up an appetite, let's stroll round this seafront city with a beauty of its own. You'll enter the old town of San Sebastián, accompanied at all times by a private and exclusive guide, who will show you the history of this district, its stories and anecdotes and the picture-postcard sites in town. As you walk along its cobblestone streets and see its famous monuments, you'll start living a colorful local life. The special magic of this city lies waiting for you around every corner, and soon you'll want to start trying the local cuisine. It starts with the pintxos. They're called by this name because they're usually neatly arranged on toothpicks, which you simply pick up and eat. You'll visit the genuine local bars and exclusive sites in the city to try these fabulous creations of the locals, with your guide providing the descriptions and helping you to choose from such an unimaginable array of goodies. The delights are all there for you to choose from. Lots of luck – choosing here is soooo hard to do.

"A spectacle capable of making one get out of bed at 5:30 in the morning for various days on end." That's what Ernest Hemingway said about the bull running at San Fermin. And now, you can write about it too. There's a special day marked on all calendars in Pamplona: July 6th. Before 12 noon, no one will be missing at the incredible City Hall Square of Pamplona. They are all anxious, dressed in typical white and red, with handkerchiefs held aloft, for the year's special signal: the "chupinazo" rocket that marks the start of the insuperable San Fermin festivities. This is when all joy breaks loose, giving way to nine days of non-stop celebrations in all the city streets. And this year, you can be here, too. A private local guide will pick you up at your hotel and lead you round this unique fiesta. You'll enjoy these most famous celebrations in the world from a privileged location. You can choose your own VIP balcony from which to see the running of the bulls one unforgettable morning at 8am, with all kinds of comforts available. When the bull running has finished, you'll start enjoying all the other customs in Pamplona, with a magnificent luxury breakfast at the new Casino. This is a private club where you can take the pulse of the festive atmosphere and enjoy your time, and even take part in the famous traditional dance called the Alpargata. After your breakfast, you're off to see the rest of the city, accompanied of course by your faithful guide, who will tell you all about the secrets and history of this unique celebration the world over. Be forewarned: it is impossible not to join in with the fiesta. You'll experience the contagious party atmosphere, and you'll only be able to do one thing: go along with it and enjoy.

Spectacular, impressive, astounding, grandiose, incredible... and many other descriptions have been given. You're standing in front of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the work of the famous architect Frank Gehry. You will marvel at its exterior, defined as the finest building erected in the second half of the 20th C. It's a museum that has totally transformed the city of Bilbao, elevating it to world-famous status, and greatly changing its image. Bilbao now ranks among the top five cities in the world housing important collections of artworks. The exterior is a seductive backdrop to the creations safely guarded inside. Enjoy a tour of the marvelous museum of contemporary art on an exclusive basis. In the interior you'll marvel at the works of contemporary masters such as Eduardo Chillida, Yves Klein, Willem de Kooning, Robert Motherwell, Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, Clyfford Still, Antoni Tàpies and Andy Warhol. But you won't only see what others see here. You also have an exclusive and private tour of backstage Guggenheim, discovering some of its hidden secrets. A privilege that very few can talk about. At a unique place where you can see how the great names in art were inspired.

How about a trip back in time? Now is the time to go for it. Right back to the 16th century. You can live the experiences of the Basque sailors who set out each year for Terranova – Newfoundland, in ships like the San Juan you are going to visit. Now you can take a trip back in history and join the crew. You'll visit the fantastic Albaola Maritime Museum. A living museum in constant change where you can actually sail through the history of this city. You'll see how a ship of this kind was built, visiting a replica of the historic Basque whaling ship, the galleon San Juan, which sunk in 1565. This is the very first model for a transoceanic cargo ship in this day, and today, it comes to life again in the same port where it was originally built. And you will witness its christening. And after touring the museum, you'll take a boat to Pasajes de San Juan. This is a unique area comprising various historic neighborhoods facing the bay that connects to a narrow strait, where you will experience a fabulous gastronomic event with local products at the famous Ziaboga restaurant. You'll be able to say: "I was there".