“Relax, and pamper yourself. You’ll see how good it is to feel great inside and out. Unwind from all the stress and worries, and dive into a world full of sensations for renewal. Escape from the routine, breathe deeply and forget about everything. You’ll achieve a marvelous state of wellbeing and feel brand new again.”

You can experience the spiritual, each step of the way, and encounter your own self, on one of the world's most famous pilgrim’s ways: the Camino de Santiago. An adventure in which you can also enjoy all the luxury comforts as well. All you have to do is get focused and walk, journeying through the beautiful landscape along St Jame's Way – the last 100 kilometers or 62 miles of the spectacular French Way. You'll see the marvelous farmhouses called "pazos", authentic country homes and quality hotels, with services to regenerate your muscles and relax after your day's legwork. Program: Day 1. Accommodation in Sarrià. - Arrival at the fantastic village of Sarrià, with an option for private and exclusive transport straight from the airport to your hotel. If you still have time, don't miss the chance to see the old part of town and meet other pilgrims who will tell you their stories from the start of their route. Many of them will have traversed the way from France already. Day 2. Sarrià-Portomarín. 22km 4-5 hrs

  • Today, you start out on the road, through the countryside full of oaks and tiny villages with lots of charm, until you reach Portomarín after crossing the beautiful River Miño across an ancient bridge.
  • Then you have private transport to Lugo to stay in an 18th-C country manor in the heart of the old quarter of town, where you have all the comforts of a wonderful room.
- Your evening meal will include all the local gastronomic delights from the province of Lugo. You'll be hard pressed to choose your dish, because it's all simply so delicious. Day 3. Portomarín-Palas de Rei. 24km 5-6 hrs - Private transport from Lugo to Portomarín, where you start your second walk, with climbs up to Castromaior and the mountains called Sierra de Ligonde. Once you're on top, you gradually descend to arrive at Palas de Rei. - Your accommodation is waiting for you. It's a sophisticated building from the 60s where you can enjoy all the luxury and comforts, guaranteeing a good night's rest after a strenuous day's journey. As a recommendation, don't miss the house-made food concocted from the garden produce grown here. Day 4. Palas de Rei-Arzúa. 28km 6-7 hrs - Rural roads and medieval bridges await you till you get to the town of Melide, famous for its savory octopus and potato dish, called "pulpo á feira”. Then you continue your route through beautiful wild landscape to Arzúa, after crossing the picturesque Iso River. - Private transfer to the centre of Arzúa, a small town with a large dose of charm. - Here's where you spend the night. In a fantastic rural villa with wooden beam ceilings and stone walls, with magnificent views over the gardens, ensuring a nice rest after quite a long day's hike. Day 5. Arzúa-Rúa. 19km 4-5 hrs - Private transfer to the centre of Arzúa. Don't leave the town till you've tried their fantastic cheese boards. - This stage is full of greenery and undulating hills along the way. From start to finish, until you reach the quaint little town of A Rúa. - Transfer in private transport to a rural spot near Lavacolla. Here you will see a large estate on the river banks, where you can enjoy the fresh air and take some time to relax in a magical atmosphere. Day 6. Rua-Santiago. 21km 4-5 hrs - Get ready to experience some unique sensations when you come close to the mountains called Monte do Gozo. From afar, you will see the cathedral towers for the first time along your route.  You're only 4 km from your destination now. - Walk through the famous neighborhood of San Lázaro, and Porta do Camiño, and the streets of the ancient district of Compostela and you will soon be standing in front of the imposing Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. - This is the climax of your journey. At the foot of the cathedral located in the illustrious Plaza del Obradoiro. Now just sit, or stroll the streets of Santiago and enjoy the city. You deserve it. You can extend your visit with us if you want, either before or after the route, with lots of other cultural activities. Just tell us and we'll suggest a series of excursions to the winegrowing areas of Rias Baixas or Ribeira Sacra, to the Atlantic cliffs and their lighthouses. Choose from a complete lineup of attractions to round off your pilgrimage.   It's something you have to do just once in your life. At least.

Ibiza is a place for spiritual retirement, or crazy night-life – whatever you want. People come here for one or the other – and sometimes both. But you can do this in total luxury if you know how. Such as from a villa with panoramic views you don't even get in la-la-land. Sometimes, the ideal is so farfetched it can't come true. But here it can – and does. This is a place that will tone up your mind, body and spirit, and reconnect you with nature. In Ibiza, all the luxuries have already been invented, and you can have them in the form of a typical Ibizan home, with architecture that is unique in the entire world. Exclusivity here is part of the game. You'll have all kinds of private services available in your Ibizan home. As just two examples, how about a professional cook and your own exclusive butler? Welcome to your new business class paradise.

There's more than one way to see the island of Formentera, but we've conceived a special treat just for you. How about a luxury private yacht trip where nothing is missing on board? Tempting, eh? Your captain will not only take you to Formentera, but will also ensure complete comfort on board. There will be nothing you can't have. If you need a sophisticated catering service on your yacht, you can ask for a chef or catering firm. And you'll soon see land ahead. It's the beautiful, wild island of Formentera. With its crystal-clear waters and fine, white sands. It's a little like paradise, but meanwhile, you'll continue to see all of its beauties on board your yacht, enjoying the cool sea breeze. The crew will be at your service, and will take you wherever you feel like going. Including a stop for lunch at one of the fantastic restaurants on the island. Start packing today, and don't forget your sailing cap and sunglasses.